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"I have been going to the wellness center for many years. Dr. Fry is very knowledgeable and her staff superb! From Holistic treatments to healthy foods to therapeutic massages ~ all services have been tremendous!  They truly care about you & your health, and try to assist with whatever problem you are incurring.  I highly recommend this wellness center, and will continue to support them for years to come!"
- Cindy W.

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"We are very fortunate in the Alle-Kiski area to have such an experienced professional of Naturopathic medicine and acupressure therapy. Dr. Fry treats patients with attentive treatments. She addresses each patient's individual problems expertly. Chronic pain can alter our lives and proformance. Dr. Fry works with you to help eliminate pain and improve their daily life with treatments to help them cope."
- Judy M.

"Infiniti Wellness Center carries an awesome selection of supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathies, and specialty foods to keep my family and I healthy. They even carry organic pet products to keep our dogs and cats healthy, too!"
- Deb S.

"While I was pregnant, they took care of my changing body and worked with me to provide quality therapy that relieved all the pains and aches I was experiencing."
- Tonya M.


"I’ve been going to Infiniti Wellness Center for over ten years and really look forward to my therapy sessions. Everyone there is very qualified and eager to assist you in your therapy as well as your vitamins and foods that you need."
- Kay G.

"My wellness counseling was very informative. I was amazed with my results. Well worth having this done."
- Louise C.

“Since 1997 I’ve been coping with chronic pain due to mechanical dysfunction and disease. Holistic medicine, practiced at Infiniti Wellness Center, is based on the school of philosophy that the normal body is a vital mechanical organism whose structural, functional and emotional states are of equal importance.  And therefore, the body is able to heal itself against toxic conditions when it has favorable environmental conditions and satisfactory nourishment.  All medications have side effects that can harm the human body.  As consumers of medicine, we need to change our collective attitudes that a pill is a fix-all for most illnesses and conditions."
- Ken M.

"Chronic pain is multidimensional and every aspect of one’s life is changed by the infliction.  It has affected mental status, physical abilities, eating habits sleeping, social interaction and much more.  Each problem needs to be addressed and coping skills taught before undoing what chronic pain has done.  Facilities should work with any doctor currently administrating to the patient.  Infiniti Wellness Center has done this for me and I feel so fortunate to have a skilled, dedicated facility in this area to help me improve my everyday life through the treatments.”
- Vicky M.

“Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated you taking me in as a patient.  Seven tests, six doctors and still no one knew what to do for me.  After Dr. Fry detected I had a hidden virus in the tissues and started me on a detox virus supplement I started to get better!  I want to thank you for being so interested in helping me.  I now am feeling really good and have come out of my depressed state.  I appreciate what you did for me. Thank you!”
- June S.

"I have been doing my therapy with Dr. Fry for about a year now. I call her my 'Miracle Worker.' Everyone is very polite and kind there. The staff is always ready to help in any way they can."
- Toni G.

  "Dr. Fry is superb at her acupressure and her knowledge in naturopathic medicines is outstanding. She always goes above and beyond to make her patients comfortable."
- Todd C.

"Dr. Bitar is an excellent chiropractor and the consummate professional. Dr. Bitar evaluates each patient on an individual basis by doing the proper work up and testing required when dealing with the complexities of the human body. He understands the proper adjustment techniques to treat the spine and extremities. He has proven experience to treat patients of any age. His ability to diagnose his patients is impeccable and he knows when to refer his patients out to a specialist or for other diagnostic testing."
- Dr. Maroon

  "They have so many items in the Wellness Center, everything from vitamins to foods.  I find everything I need there.”
- Tate H.


“I have experienced amazing pain relief from going to Infiniti Wellness Center for my acupressure treatments.  My chronic back and neck pain have deceased tremendously during the past 15 years due to the treatments at Infiniti Wellness Center.  I love the huge selections of vitamin and herb supplements as well as the healthy food choices.
Thank you Infiniti Wellness Center!”
- Pat S.

"I recently had a wellness visit with Dr. Fry and I am very pleased with the help I received. I was put on the correct supplements for my specific needs and am now reaping the benefits.
Thank you Dr. Fry!"
- Nick K.

"Everyone at Infiniti Wellness Center is polite and very helpful. We are so happy to have this store in our town of Leechburg."
- Debbie C.

      "Everyone at the wellness center was very knowledgeable.  They have health choices for my pets as well.  I found everything I needed with one stop shopping!”
- Cindy K.

      "I have been taking yoga classes for months at the wellness center.  It is not only great exercise, but fun!  I love the classes!”
- Susan H.

"I have been doing my acupressure for some time now with Dr. Fry. I have siatica in my back and she has helped tremendously."
- Kate V.

"Infiniti Wellness Center is well stocked in all our vitamins and mineral needs."
- Mark C.


"The only therapy space that takes account your overall wellness, not just your immediate aches and pains."
- Cynthia C.



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